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Good morning Canadian Nurse Practitioners,

I am sending you the above-noted American MD-Calcs link that is WRONG. People in severe opioid withdrawal will do CRAZY things like hang themselves (Jeff Hood Inquest), cut their mother’s head off with a chainsaw (UK Case), kill others and then themselves. People in opioid withdrawal will hire people to beat them up (see Alberta lawyer case). They will jump from cell block landings, light themselves on fire, slash, commit armed robbery with a dirty needle (Garden Street Irving armed robbery), and the same armed robber still in opioid withdrawal threw a FULL can of ensure like a bullet flying through the air narrowly missing me in the head (see Saint John Regional Correctional Facility incident report). They will riot (see Saint John Regional Correctional Facility riot). Nurses and doctors in opioid withdrawal will steal opioids from their patients, causing them to lose their license and live in poverty (Saint John, New Brunswick nurse), and/go to jail (Ontario Doctor).

I am not confused about the signs and symptoms of opioid withdrawal and neither are the dead people. I have submitted a new Nurse Practitioner 24/7 Clinic model to address your safety and the safety of others. I did this before Christmas before Covid-19 hit. It includes correctional officers with tasers in the clinic/employment mix. I am still awaiting a response. I returned flawed and deadly American taser research to the American Heart Association. There is a drug-taser interaction that kills people. There will be a one-tase policy limit in our Canadian NP clinics. I would recommend “pepper spray” as an alternative, yet we know how the Mathew Hines Methadone-pepper Spray turned out: premature and preventable death.

If you have any questions about my work, do not hesitate to contact me. The requirement for a methadone exemption has now been lifted by Health Canada (May 2018). Health Canada indicated they used the CRISM Clinical trial to lift the methadone exemption. I advised Health Canada that I have placed the CRISM clinical trial ON HOLD. Health Canada should have contacted me to discuss the rationale to lift the methadone exemption, and now this Canadian organization just looks silly, not to mention outdated, unsafe, and unethical.

“I could KILL for a fix” - Heed the earning! The Americans should really heed the warning since they have so many guns.

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