Busted! Don’t Believe This Myth About Opiate Withdrawal

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There are several misconceptions associated with the subject of opiate addiction and withdrawal. Unfortunately, people make the mistake of accepting these misbeliefs as the truth and avoid seeking help from professional health care providers when treating withdrawal and its symptoms. To help you avoid falling prey to these misconceptions, Crystal Clear Transitional Care has debunked the biggest myth about opiate withdrawal. 

Myth: Opiate withdrawal is not fatal.

Truth: It is generally assumed that opiate withdrawal is uncomfortable and unpleasant, but not fatal. However, it can be life-threatening if the issue is not addressed and treated by a professional. Opiates are prescribed to treat severe pain and certain other medical issues, and they’re also used non-medically for their euphoric effects. They relax the body by inhibiting the functioning of pain receptors. 

Long-term use of opiate, even prescription opiate, often leads to tolerance and physical dependence. Many underestimate the withdrawal symptoms, which could lead to death. Uneducated and clinically inexperienced healthcare providers perpetuate the myth about opiate withdrawal not being fatal, thereby neglecting the issue and not monitoring it adequately. Opiate withdrawal syndrome is characterized by symptoms such as dysphoria, insomnia, yawning, muscle aches, nausea, fever, sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. If not treated by an experienced healthcare provider, these symptoms can proliferate and may lead to dehydration, elevated blood sodium level, and resultant heart failure. Appropriate medical treatment by a professional can help manage these withdrawal symptoms and help prevent serious effects.

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