Leadership Checklist

A PTSD Checklist for Worksafe NB would be evidence of clinical LEADERSHIP.


Workers’ Compensation Tribunal/WorkSafe Staff/ Psychologists

Diagnosing PTSD in Correctional Nurse, November 7, 2018

NOTE: PTSD is a Personal Wounded Healer Journey







First Responder

Code Blue/Code Pink Team





ACLS/PALS certification








Evidence of Premature and Preventable Deaths


Evidence of Workplace violence


Death Sudden and Unexpected

Age of Patient at Death


Inquest data

Video – see riot video – SJRCC, Ashley Smith video


Obituary evidence

Other – websites – Moms stop the Harm






















Flawed and Deadly

Clinical Practice guidelines

ACLS/PALS algorithm

Opioid Manager

Outdated/Flawed Methadone guidelines

Diabetes guidelines flawed and deadly













Crash Carts improperly stocked

Narcan Nasal Spray

Interosseous Access equipment

Oral airway suction equipment missing










Correctional Nurse

PTSD- Self Diagnosis - November 7, 2017




Suicides and other trauma perpetuated by MYTHS

No one ever died from opioid withdrawal

Changes to Clinical Opioid Withdrawal Scale (COWS)





Upon release from correctional facility




Safe Injection

Oxymoron – leads to more deaths




Jail house deaths

Premature and Preventable





More than one preventable jail house death in nurse’s work history




Deaths in Community

Many deaths post-release from correctional/hospital facility




Sudden failure from University

Failed out of UNB – sudden and unexpected





Nurse’s Reaction to Deaths

Extreme behavior

Takes personal responsibility for deaths: labels it as ‘accountability’

Rewrites CNA’s CODE of Ethics










Nurse Raises concerns

Opioid Manager Flawed and deadly

ACLS/PALS algorithm, flawed and deadly

Bradycardia with a pulse algorithm, flawed and deadly

Other flawed resuscitation guidelines internationally

Gaps identified in international resuscitation algorithms
















Evidence of Death/deaths

Preventable death of Child - disturbing





Evidence of Wrongful Conviction

Many – women crying, “I can’t get treatment”




Evidence of Child getting organs taken

Child lacked access to Narcan Nasal Spray




Evidence of Violent episode

i.e. Riot video, shanks, knives, guns, etc.




Evidence of Trauma from MVA, etc.

Trauma resulted in mixed overdose during resuscitation     – See Lady Diana Spencer autopsy




*Witness to multiple violent episodes against self or others


*Violence documented in incident reports


*Violence documented in newspaper article


*Nature of crime documented in CanLii

Employer incident reports, videotaped evidence, etc.













Family member incarcerated

*Family is who you say it is – provide picture

Stressed-out thief sentenced to 25 months”




Former WORK Colleague(s) incarcerated

“Judge gives woman eight months for fraud, theft”

“Nurse apologizes for trying to steal drugs”




Others reincarcerated who were cared for in ICU, then in jail

“Addict sentenced to seven Months





Post critical event(s)




Appropriate debriefing

Suicide versus opioid withdrawal




Nurse does something REALLY CRAZY

Orders Narcan Nasal Spray into Canada



FULL BLOWN PTSD (on steroids)

Nurse writes Nasty letters, emails, etc.

Feels better – short-term FIX




Evidence of job Change

ICU  Clinical Practice Research   Correctional facility

Acute care to correctional nursing

Correctional Nursing to Advanced Clinical Practice Researcher



Can’t escape the harm

Witnessed Natural


i.e. Flood in Calgary




Witnessed man-made disaster

i.e. Lac Megantic – Photos upon request




Taser Death (s)

American Taser Research flawed





Needs to add a few more opiates to list of medications that prolong the QTc interval




Family first to notice

And question PTSD

Spouse may be the first to recognize signs and symptoms of PTSD




Substance Abuse in Nurses

Ask the Question:  Is this PTSD?  Note, not all nurses who have PTSD use substances, but many do including OPIOIDS, ETOH, THC, prescription drugs, theft of drugs