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Work by Donna Collins

Clinical Practice Research

  • Returned flawed and deadly methadone guidelines to Australia;
  • Rewrote Ontario’s (2010) Narcotics Safety and Awareness Act – it was missing the safety features;
  • Requested McMaster University to recall the 2017 Canadian guidelines for the management of opioids for non-cancer pain;
  • Sent updates to several poison control websites;
  • Returned the 2009 guidelines for the management of opioids to Duke University;
  • Revised Resuscitation algorithms to include Narcan Nasal Spray and Flumazenil in the nasal spray when available;
  • Sent revisions to the 2018 Diabetes Canada Guidelines
  • Opioid Manager removed from the College of Physicians & Surgeons of New Brunswick’s website;
  • Returned flawed and deadly (2014) methadone directive to the College of Pharmacists of New Brunswick;
  • Returned the Canadian guidelines for the management of antipsychotics in children and youth to the University of Calgary;
  • Returned the Chest Pain Guidelines to Alberta Health Services;
  • Returned flawed methadone mothers research to the University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing;
  • Tramadol reclassified as an opioid using new evidence;
  • Requested the Methadone exemption be lifted by Health Canada (done May 2018);
  • Returned flawed and DEADLY taser research to the American Heart Association;
  • Returned flawed morphine policy to SickKids hospital;
  • Returned ALL of the methadone guidelines to the College of Physicians & Surgeons across Canada;
  • Requested Health Canada archive the 2002 Methadone guidelines (done);
  • Requested New Brunswick’s Methadone guidelines (2009) be archived;
  • Ordered Narcan Nasal Spray on June 3, 2016 (received July 2016);
  • Remade Adapt Pharma’s Narcan Nasal Spray teaching video (see link);
  • Requested Narcan Nasal Spray be added to Hospital crash carts and as a component of discharge planning;
  • Developed an extubation checklist – better than the Americans.
  • Placed the Canadian and American order for Flumazenil in the nasal spray resuscitative device;
  • Returned World Health Organizations (2014) Community Management of opioid overdose document – missing the antidote;
  • Returned World Health Organization’s analgesic ladder – unsafe, contains drug-drug interactions;
  • Returned Breastfeeding guidelines to Horizon Health Network (New Brunswick, Canada);
  • Developed Canadian position statement on Safe Injection sites, evidence of LEADERSHIP;
  • Rewrote the Clinical Opioid Withdrawal Scale (COWS);
  • Determined need for Laryngoscope with a suction catheter; now available for clinical trial;
  • Returned UNSAFE opioid prescribing policy to WorkSafe NB;
  • Narcan Nasal Spray covered for Canadian Veterans and RCMP officers (2019);
  • Returned BC’s College of Pharmacists’ Methadone guidelines;
  • Rewrote BC’s College of Pharmacists Methadone FAQ page;
  • Sent Revisions to the Canadian Nurses Association CODE OF ETHICS;
  • Revised the Rourke Baby Record to include Narcan Nasal Spray, and Flumazenil Nasal Spray once available;
  • Returned outdated and flawed Mental Health Strategy in Canadian Correctional Facilities (2012);

NOTE: this is not an exhaustive list of my work.

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