Developed Canadian position statement on Safe Injection sites, evidence of LEADERSHIP.

Author: Crystal Clear Transitional Care Inc. |

  • Rewrote the Clinical Opioid Withdrawal Scale (COWS).
  • Determined need for Laryngoscope with a suction catheter; now available for clinical trial.
  • Returned UNSAFE opioid prescribing policy to WorkSafe NB.
  • Narcan Nasal Spray covered for Canadian Veterans and RCMP officers (2019).
  • Returned BC’s College of Pharmacists’ Methadone guidelines.
  • Rewrote BC’s College of Pharmacists Methadone FAQ page.
  • Sent Revisions to the Canadian Nurses Association CODE OF ETHICS.
  • Revised the Rourke Baby Record to include Narcan Nasal Spray, and Flumazenil Nasal Spray once available.
  • Returned outdated and flawed Mental Health Strategy in Canadian Correctional Facilities (2012);
  • NOTE: this is not an exhaustive list of my work.

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