What about Opiate-Induced Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

Author: Crystal Clear Transitional Care Inc. |

If you develop a urinary tract infection or other conditions called “Sepsis”, you may require emergency medical treatment. No worries, healthcare providers are now able to review your medication list (i.e. Comprehensive Medication Reconciliation) to determine if you are taking opiates so as to avoid giving you a LETHAL medication that would constitute a drug-drug interaction using the www.qtdrugs.org website. Your family and friends also need to remind healthcare providers about this website as not all healthcare providers believe in the website’s sensitivity and specificity (i.e. accuracy). It’s only when you are dead that you understand the accuracy of the website. Please wear a medical alert tag as your life may depend on it for resuscitative purposes. Frequently if healthcare providers treat the constipation, the urinary tract infection will resolve soon after.

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